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VENUE: Human Capital Training Centre

SYNOPSIS: Encountering difficult situations is an intrinsic part of dealing with customers & clients – whether they are internal or external to your business.

It takes a lot of confidence and skill to effectively manage angry or upset customers and yet most people have never been taught the skills and are left to learn by trial and error that often results in a poor outcome for the staff member, the customer and the business.

It’s also not uncommon for staff to fall back on their own internal viewpoints and belief systems and to take things personally that again, leads to a poor outcome for all parties.

There really has never been a more critical time to provide your staff with the skills and confidence they need to handle a range of difficult customer situations.


  • Identify what causes customers to be demanding or difficult and the consequences
  • Recognize and manage your own responses
  • Develop strategies for managing different types of difficult customers
  • Gain confidence in handling customers appropriately
  • Develop communication skills on empathetic listening, defusing conflict/anger, speaking assertively


Considering Human Behaviour

  • Using Transactional Analysis to understand Customer behaviour and our own behaviour
  • The issue of changing someone else’s character
  • The issue of ‘satisfying’ an Unhappy Customer

Classifying the Classic Types of Difficult Situations

Learn the differences between them all the different types of difficult customers and how to handle them including:

  • The Abusive Customer
  • The Irritating Customer
  • The Unhappy Customer

Service Skills Requirements 

The Classic use of Listening:

  • Deciding whether to use Empathy or Affirmation
  • What are the 5 levels of Empathy?
  • What you must do when interacting with someone who is upset

Assertive Communication

  • Ways of relating to others: being passive, assertive and aggressive
  • Goal of Assertive Communication
  • Benefits of Assertive Communication
  • Assertive Self-Assessment
  • Types of Assertion
  • Assertive Communication Skills

Strategies for Handling Dissatisfaction

  • Understanding the nature of Customers’ Problems and Emotions
  • Managing Our Own Responses

Communicating confidently and calmly, under pressure and saying things in the right way

  • Listening and Responding with Empathy
  • Avoiding certain Triggering Words
  • Defusing Phrases & The Art of Saying No

TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Staff, Middle Level Managers, Senior Managers, Executives


Dec 05 - 06 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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