SYNOPSIS: Support staff of yesterday will type, take orders, perform filing, attend to visitors and make phone calls for bosses. However, the demands made of today’s secretaries and administrators are different – they are expected to juggle multiple tasks, be proactive, manage time, people and problems, communicate for results, think on their feet and relate well to people at all levels. To meet these requirements, secretarial and administrative professionals will need to enhance their human, technical and conceptual skills in order to be a team-player, manage change and be empowered as an effective professional.


  • Provide high standards of modern office practices and methods
  • Enhance managerial capabilities and career growth
  • To manage the work environment to fulfil both organisational success and individual performance
  • To be able to communicate effectively, handling challenges and duties professionally with confidence
  • Understand the need for being aware of your boss and how it is impacting your career
  • Learn how you can grow your career while helping your boss grow his/hers.
  • Figure out the various options you have to deal with different types of bosses.


  • Developing Professionalism – Role and Responsibilities
  • Office organisation
    – Practical solution focused management skills
    – How to support good workflow in the office for employee productivity
    – How to manage the day-to-day running of the office
    – Dealing with suppliers and developing good buying relationships
  • Arranging meetings and taking minutes
    – Best practice for handling meetings
    – The role of teams and team building
    – Taking accurate minutes and following up
    – Arranging the environment for best meeting atmosphere
  • Event management
    – Planning, arranging and monitoring events
    – Coordination and facilitation skills
    – How to manage different suppliers to deliver a successful event
    – Managing on time and on budget
  • Verbal communication skills
    – How to communicate clearly and concisely
    – How to express ideas and core objectives to diverse audiences
    – Communicating with a confident voice
  • Written communication skills
    – Report writing, structure, theme, and executive summary
    – Aiming reports to different stakeholders
    – Email communication best practice
    – Letter writing skills
  • Why manage your boss
  • Understanding your Boss
  • Managing your boss
    – Understanding yourself.
    – Communicating with your Boss
    – How to make your Boss successful?
  • Why your boss might not always be right and what to do about it
    – Dealing with a difficult boss
    – Preparing to deal with a difficult boss
    – Being aware of the consequences
    – Peaceful Resolution & Escalation


Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Administrators and Office Managers.

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Mar 11 - 12 2021


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Magodo - Lagos Training Center
Community Development Foundation Complex, Magodo, Lagos.

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